Become a Client Company


To qualify for acceptance into the SC Launch program, companies must:

  • Be a South Carolina-based entity, located in SC, established and registered with the SC Secretary of State with at least 51% of payroll to employees within the state.
  • Be an advanced-technology or knowledge-based business in the following target industries: life sciences, advanced manufacturing/materials or information technology.
  • Have a protected intellectual property position or a distinct competitive advantage. Private investors like to see protectable, innovative technology and so do we. Your product should not be easy to replicate and should include intellectual property such as trade secrets, patents and trademarks.
  • Have a high-impact business model. We look for start-ups that can grow into sizable businesses in the state, creating high-wage jobs and revenues.
  • Have money invested by the principals and/or founders (not sweat equity!) and/or raised initial capital from others (sources include friends, family, banks, etc.).
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